Why buy from The Fisherman's Factory?


Buying fishing equipment, especially lures, get's expensive really fast.  Nothing is more frustrating than spending $9 on a lure that just ends up stuck in the bottom of the lake or river.

It's hard for us to go to some of our favorite outdoor retail stores and find lures and baits sold at "retail" prices.  Paying $10-12+ for a single lure is common at most of our favorite stores, but I do understand why.  People have to get paid.  They have to pay for the manufacturing, the shipping, the brick and mortar storefront, employees, advertising, marketing, etc... Which explains the high prices.

Why pay these high prices for "brand name" lures if we can get the exact same lures at a much lower cost? That's why we started The Fisherman's Factory.  We've found suppliers from overseas who have great fishing products for a fraction of the cost.  Oh and you can reorder them from the comfort of your couch when you notice your supply is getting low.

We take out all the middle men and fluff that we don't need.  We get the product directly from the factory to your front porch.  That saves us all A LOT of money! We take care of all the "dirty work" and details for you.  We've provided a great online shopping experience that's easy and efficient for you, with great quality, at the prices YOU deserve!

If you have any questions, drop us a line over on our contact page! We'd be happy to clarify any concerns!      

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